Website Speed + UX = Success

Website Speed + UX = Success

Most of the times, our customers & friends ask us

‘Hey Guys, What’s the Ultimate Recipe to Make a Business Website Successful ! ‘.

If you’re reading this post than definitely you may run some kind of website to sell different goods or services.

Doesn’t matter, how beautifully you handle your marketing funnel & drive traffic over your Landing Pages, If visitors come and wait for more than 5-6 secs or didn’t find what he’s looking for, is just a waste of your valuable time & hard core money.

If your website speed takes more than 4-5 secs, then you must take some action to improve it immediately.

If you analyze your visitor nature and found a large percentage is dropping down at a certain point of your website then it’s not good for the health of your online business.

So Website Speed & User Experience(UX)  are the ultimate recipe of your Online Business, Yes trust us, we’re saying this after 10-years spending in online business development for inhouse & clients websites but unfortunately most of guys spent big budget over their Adwords & Paid media campaign and then ask why don’t customer buy from my website .

In this post, we would try to help the guys who use WordPress(WP) as their website engine to run their online business.

If you’ve curious, how you can test your website speed, then Go For 2 Tools :

Pingdom :


Pingdom is a Free Tool and you can use it to test your website load time and find the bottlenecks for different global regions.


GTmetrix :

GTmetrix is also a Free Tool and a very detailed reports on your website loading time and other related issues.

If you’re a non-techy person, then would recommend to contacting some WordPress Expert, who understand generated tool reports and can implement them without damaging the running modules of your website.


Now Let’s come to the point of User Experience (UX).

We’ve seen some of the guys confused with the word, UI and UX, so first we would like to distinguish in between so confusion can clear for those folks.

UI (User Interface) is basically all the screen designs, pages, visual elements those you see in digital applications.

UX is kind of how do you feel with a digital application on interaction with a company product & services. Or how easily you find something for what you’re visiting a website.

As Easy You Find Something, Great The UX !

Now the question is, how do you measure how good your UX is ?

Don’t worry, don’t need to do maths or complex calculation for it.

We consider you must be using Google Analytics (GA) tool for your your website analytics, if not using then must create an account at Google Analytics using your gmail account. It’s Free.

Once inside and take a look over your website behavior flow under behavior menu.

Beside from this take a look over your visitor Bounce Rate.

From which page, you majority of visitors bounce (Red Drop Line), it means you need to improve the UX for that page.

You must contact some UX Designer to design new wireframes for your pages and implement them, but before implementation, consult some UX expert because i believe expert advice  sometime saves our Time & Money.

Further, I would continue with this post with some of our case-studies how did we help our customers to improve their website loading time and boost conversion rate by 18-40% for eCommerce, Lead Generation & Services for different industries.

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